Website Making

In simple terms, a website is a collection of web pages. The ‘ web pages ‘ are online pages that you can view by using the internet and web service on a computer or smartphone.

Build Applications

A single-page application is an application that interrelates with users by vigorously rewriting the existing web pages with novel data from the webserver, instead of the default technique of the browser running a completely new page.

Video Editing

Video editing truly is where the magic happens, What is a video editor? A video editor’s core function is to cut, trim and sequence separate video clips into a comprehensive narrative structure. .

Others Facilities

Facilities management can be defined as the tools and services that support the functionality, safety, and sustainability of buildings, grounds, infrastructure, and real estate.

"Words of comfort,
skillfully administered, are
the oldest therapy known
to man."

"Every company's greatest assets are
its customers, because without customers
there is no company."

Anyone who thought the rise of remote
and hybrid work would be the downfall of
teamwork has probably changed their tune
by now. The truth is, teamwork is more
important than ever. “Most people think success comes from surrounding
yourself with others that are like you,” says Johansson.
“But true success and breakthrough innovation
involves discomfort. Discomfort pushes you to
grow. This is where difference of experience,
opinion, and perspective come in. Diversity is a
well-documented pathway to unlocking new
opportunities, overcoming new challenges,
and gaining new insights.” As part of our ongoing research on teamwork, we surveyed more than 1,000 team members
across a range of industries and found that when honest feedback, mutual respect, and personal
openness were encouraged, team members were
80 percent more likely to report higher emotional well-being.

Parvati Saree House

Shahjahanpur (UP)

"Check-out varities"

Steps in Resource Planning

1.Identification and documentation of the various
resources of the country through survey, mapping, measurement, etc.
2. Creation of planning structure to implement the resource
development plans with the help of skills, technology, and set up institutions.
3. Complement the resource plans with national plans.

Understanding Research and Development

Research and development (R&D) includes activities that companies undertake to innovate and introduce
new products and services. It is often the first stage
in the development process. The goal is typically to take new products and services to market and add to the company's
bottom line .